Chuck vs the TV Tropes: Chuck and Sarah’s kisses

y’all are so nice to me ily

hivetato asked: Yo backing anon hardcore over here. Gender is a shifting variable rather than a set-in-stone constant and identity moves around all the time for loads of people. Ultimately- it's yours to rebrand or even experiment with at will, as like all personal descriptors and traits it is malleable and wholly individual to you. Just go with what feels right, arbitrary labels dont have to serve as a permanent absolute. Much love, bruh- take it easy

thank you so much!!

Anonymous asked: Heyo you don't need to solidify (I can't think of words right now I'm sorry I'm tired) your identity and your life right now. You'll change everyday, and that's okay. Don't be frustrated with yourself because you don't know, be happy because you'll know one day and you get to make that journey to figuring it out now. Stay happy love <3 xx

thank you so much anon. this makes me feel a thousand times better


[Heitor Magno - Artist double exposures photography]

(by htor)

❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️ #me

❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️ #me

i’ve had a migraine for the past half hour and im just gonna say… i dont know if im a boy anymore and zuriel doesn’t feel right as a name

I’m identifying as agender again, and my name is nat ((NOT NATALIE))… i don’t know what else to do\\

i feel so confused, I feel like im in like some sort of real void and im just floating there like nothing. i feel so wrong

i’m questioning my identity so hard right now i’m like… breaking down

Anonymous asked: neck

yeah! i’m always wearing a star of david necklace. alongside that, i’ll wear a long-chained one with an outfit sometimes.

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